Anger & Anxiety Therapists

Psychotherapy and skills training for adults, teens, children, and couples

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Anger Management Counselling

Tools, techniques, and strategies to help you manage anger and upset, boost physical, mental, and interpersonal well-being, and live more effectively. 

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Help for Anxiety and Panic

Learn how to take the struggle out of anxiety, cope with uncertainty, and prevent panic and fear from taking over your life. 

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Stress Reduction Training

Reduce stress and learn skills, strategies, and approaches to stay well-resourced and balanced in the face of ongoing stressful situations and challenges.

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Trauma Processing and Recovery

Work through painful memories, symptoms of trauma, and past difficulties, so you can live your life to its fullest, and in the present.

Shlomo Radcliffe


Shlomo is a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Anger Management Specialist. Shlomo provides counselling for adults, teens, and children struggling with anger and frustration, anxiety and panic, hard to manage stress, and symptoms of trauma using modalities including CBT, ACT, EMDR, CFT, and Mindfulness-Based approaches.

Session fee

$175 +HST

Maria Chaplick


Maria is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Maria provides psychotherapy for adults struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and self-esteem issues using a strengths-based and client-centred approach drawing from modalities including CBT, EFT, SFT, Narrative Therapy, ACT, and DBT.

Session fee

$155 +HST

Nakachi Ogbonna


Nakachi is a Registered Social Worker specializing in mental health. Nakachi provides support to individuals, couples, and families struggling with anger, stress, anxiety, and crisis. Through a light-hearted and humorous approach, Nakachi helps people navigate some of their hardest moments. Nakachi uses a variety of evidence-based approaches including CBT, DBT, ACT, ART, and mindfulness and exposure-based approaches.  

Session fee

$155 +HST

Sarah Butterworth


Sarah is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Sarah provides individual psychotherapy and couples counselling to adults experiencing anger, anxiety, stress, and a loss of balance and stability. Sarah utilizes a variety of approaches including CBT, ACT, CFT, SFT, and the Gottman Method to help individuals and couples meet their goals for counselling.

Session fee

$155 +HST

Amanda McTaggart

Practice Manager

Amanda is our favorite mermaid here at the practice. She's the one who's answering the phones, sending emails, and handling all of the back-office admin things. 

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Quick tips to reduce stress

Learn coherence breathing, an easy-to-use, practical skill to help defuse conflict and stress, while promoting calm and wellbeing.