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Improve the quality of your relationship.

Learning how to solve relationship conflicts healthily starts here.

Get Couples Relationship Counselling in Toronto.

Couples Relationship Counselling

What is couples counselling? Why does it matter?
Can you notice the signs of relationship conflicts?

Relationships are complicated. On the one hand, they can be a source of great comfort and love, and on the other, they can be the source of some of the greatest interpersonal pain, grief, anger, and stress that we can experience. Some couples seek out relationship counselling to reduce conflict and disagreements. Other couples are just looking to increase their connection and intimacy. Relationship counselling can help all couples improve their communication, increase intimacy and connection, better collaboratively problem-solve, and move to an overall more positive relationship.

  • Feeling misunderstood, underappreciated, blamed and attacked

  • Concerns regarding the household division of labour and/or childcare

  • Disagreements regarding finances

  • Conflict over how leisure and ‘together time’ is spent

  • Feeling unsupported or disrespected

  • Sexual intimacy issues, including desire differences and infidelity

  • Concerns regarding follow-through on commitments, personal organization, or tidiness

  • Lack of romance or relationship connection

How To Improve The Relationship With Your Partner
Our Approach
  • Helping facilitate better communication skills

  • Strategy building for high-conflict situations

  • Activity scheduling to increase connection and intimacy

  • Mediating disagreements, need conflicts, and difficult conversations

  • Assisting with boundary setting and trust building

  • Facilitating relationship repair

  • Guiding shared values and goals exploration

  • Relationship counselling approaches such as Gottman Method, EFT, CBT, and ADHD-informed couples counselling

Find A Registered Therapist Who Specializes In
Relationship Counselling


Nakachi Ogbonna

Ontario Therapist

Registered Social Worker, BSW

Sarah Headshot - Cropped_JPG.jpg.webp

Sarah Butterworth

Ontario Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist

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