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Reduce Stress & Overwhelm.

Finding balance and getting into a calmer state is possible.

Get Stress Management in Toronto.

Stress Reduction Training

What is stress? Why avoiding stress is not realistic?

Stress is an experience that goes hand in hand with 21st-century living. To a certain degree, stress is an unavoidable part of living a meaningful and engaging life. Stress can even be adaptive, as it helps us focus our attention on solving challenges and creating change in our lives. While stress is a part of life, sometimes, we can experience it as dominating our lives, as occurs with chronic stress.

When we face continuous ongoing stressful situations, experiences, and people and are unable to effectively cope with the difficulties and challenges life throws at us, chronic stress often results.

Can you notice the signs of chronic stress?
  • Feeling drained and overworked

  • Feeling stretched to your limits

  • Being constantly on edge

  • Frequent irritability

  • Feelings of burnout on an ongoing basis

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Our Approach
  • Skills training to respond to stress more adaptively

  • Ease feelings of physical tension

  • Develop supporting habits and practices to deal with ongoing stress

  • Teaching time management and organizational skills

  • Evidence-based approaches such as CBT, ACT, mindfulness training, and relaxation training

Find A Registered Therapist Who Specializes In
Stress Reduction Training


Colleen Collins

Ontario Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, MS, CCC


Nakachi Ogbonna

Ontario Therapist

Registered Social Worker, BSW


Riki Stopnicki

Ontario Therapist

Registered Social Worker, MSW

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