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Gain Control of Your Anger.

Regulating and expressing yourself in a healthy way is possible.

Get Anger Management Counselling in Toronto

Anger Management

What is anger? Why do we experience anger?

Anger is a normal response to situations that we perceive as unjust, unfair, or otherwise do not meet our expectations. Anger can show up whether we face difficulties in our work lives, challenges at home, or struggles in our everyday lives. Anger can also be a response to situations that have happened in the past that have not been emotionally resolved.

Anger tells us that something is wrong and that change is needed - in this sense, it is an adaptive emotion. Yet, in expressing our desire for change or dissatisfaction with current circumstances, adaptive anger can easily turn into problem anger. Problem anger can be recognized when we notice ourselves feeling increasingly irritable and on edge or reacting angrily to others on an ongoing basis.

Can you notice the signs of problem anger?
  • Unexpected or uncontrolled outbursts

  • Urge to get revenge

  • Recurrent and persistent angry thought patterns

  • Increased dissatisfaction and frustration in everyday life

  • Inability to let go of past events

  • Increased conflict with the people surrounding you

  • Consistent feelings of anger

  • Viewing everything as hostile/unfair

  • Overly defensive

How to Gain Control of Your Anger

Anger is a difficult emotion that many people find hard to deal with. It can be explosive, and many times, it may feel out of control. Our anger therapy in Toronto can help you cope with and curb frustrations and other negative feelings that can trigger anger. We use techniques that will help you understand your anger better and enable you to regulate and express your feelings in a healthier way.

Our Approach
  • Skills training for anger and affect management

  • Strategy building to cope with anger-provoking situations

  • Anger processing work to assist in anger relief

  • Stress reduction training

  • Evidence-based therapies including CBT and ACT

Anger Management Resources

Find A Registered Therapist Who Specializes In
Anger Management

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Sarah Butterworth

Ontario Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist


Moshe Cohen

Toronto Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist, MPsy


Nakachi Ogbonna

Ontario Therapist

Registered Social Worker, BSW

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