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IMPORTANT: Please be sure to check your spam folder for email replies from our team if you have not heard back from us in 1-2 business days! 

If you prefer, you can also use this form to ask us any questions you might have before booking a session. If you're ready to get started with sessions, you can also simply submit a request to book with one of our therapists and we will get back to you with our availability within 1-2 business days! 

If you're ready to book, you can also use our online booking tool to book a consultation or session with Nakachi, Sarah, Julia, and Emma now by clicking here

To book a consultation or session with Shlomo or Riki, please call (289) 801 - 4133 or email the office at

Please note: the only therapist who does in-person sessions is Shlomo. All other therapists are strictly remote/video.

We offer a 15 minute initial phone consultation at no charge.


Tel: (289) 801 - 4133


This call gives you the chance to get any questions you might have about the process of starting therapy or our approach answered, as well as the opportunity to make sure that our therapists are a good fit for your needs.